Affordability, Quality, Homelessness, Home Ownership, Gentrification, Displacement

2021 Goal, Objectives and Active Strategies

Goal: Ensure safe, stable, healthy, equitable, affordable housing solutions for the diverse communities of Boston through a racial equity lens.

Objective 1: By 2022, increase above the current baseline, the city of Boston’s supply and production of affordable, safe and healthy housing options.
Active Strategy: Advocate for public and private funding to support the production of affordable home ownership opportunities.

Objective 2: By 2022, decrease by 25% the current proportion of low/moderate-income residents who are displaced from their homes.
Active Strategy: Create medical-legal partnerships within appropriate health care or other settings to preserve tenancy, access housing and build income (cross with 1.4 and 2.1).

Objective 3: By 2022, reduce chronic homelessness by 25% below the current rate by enhancing and supporting City initiatives and systems.

Objective 4: By 2022, increase pathways to independence by helping 50 households per year in subsidized and affordable housing stabilize and/or move on to home ownership.

Leslie Reid
Dr. Megan Sandel

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