We are a group of Boston health centers, community-based organizations, hospitals, and community residents. We have come together, along with the Boston Public Health Commission, to achieve sustainable positive change in the health of the city by collaborating with communities, sharing knowledge, aligning resources, and addressing root causes of health inequities.

Our central focus is achieving racial and ethnic health equity.

Our Priorities

Through our most recent collaborative and highly participatory CHNA (Community Health Needs Assessment) process in 2019, four major priority areas were identified. Based on that report, the CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plan) was developed. The plan provides a detailed roadmap for achieving racial and ethnic health equity with recommendations for action and partnership on each of these priorities.

Ensure safe, equitable, stable, affordable housing for the diverse Boston communities.

Close the historic, generational, racial, income and wealth gaps.

Ensure access to coordinated and equitable family support services and resources for overall health.

Promote social and emotional wellness by fostering resilient communities, building equitable, accessible, supportive systems of care.

A Message about COVID-19

“At the root of the myriad COVID-19 risk factors is poverty—lack of economic opportunity and historical disenfranchisement. Across the nation, as in Massachusetts, the poorest residents are people of color. This must change. Efforts to remedy injustice must deepen now.”

Resources & Reports